Why did it do that?

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Why did it do that?

Postby Marms » Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:34 am

Hi fellas and ladies, I bought an '83 red Helix a few months ago here in southern England recently for £350 and she was a runner. I've enjoyed fettling her to bring her up to a fine looking machine again ( Shades of Danny Kay - "I AM a swan" !!) :D Ive even fabricated a rear mudguard to protect the engine from the back wheels thrown up debris.
Anyway she now has an MOT and while I was out on a raining ride last week after about 3 miles she just stopped dead. I checked the main fuse and sure enough it had blown. Much swearing and cursing and a replacement from the fuse board was used but after another 200 yards she stopped again. I coaxed her to nearly home when the side stand light came on and that was it. Question please, do these machines have an Achilles Heal in the wet ? Obviously the side stand switch was easy to fix but the main fuse issue ?
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Re: Why did it do that? I Dunno.

Postby zozman » Sat Dec 28, 2019 10:52 am


What is a MOT?

Go to page 21-2, 21-3 service manual and find the battery icon on the wiring schematic. You'll see that in order to blow a 20 amp fuse you may have a bad fuse (weak) blows FNAR (for no apparent reason) or a short to ground between the battery, starter motor, and starter relay. Usually if the other minor fuses blow, thay are isolated to the specific accessory. Replace the 20-amp blade fuse and ride again. If it blows for the second time, check the ground at the main ground-to-frame connection point which is rear of your left foot heel while sitting on the bike, Also check the ground to the starter motor and the ground connection at the starter relay.

For additional electrical issues read Tech Tip #29 in the Honda CH 250 section.

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Re: Why did it do that?

Postby pest21500 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:01 pm

I live in a very rainy portion of the States and in the short time I have ridden my Helix, I haven't had any issues with rain interfering with my bike. I have ridden it in the rain without issue and I store it outside under a waterproof cover, which does keep the rain out but condensation will still build up on the motorcycle.
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Re: Why did it do that?

Postby slonaker » Tue Jan 07, 2020 12:36 am

MOT is Ministry of Transport. It is similar to a vehicle inspection in the US. Like a certification of roadworthiness.

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Re: Why did it do that?

Postby Marms » Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:22 am

Thanks guys. I've been under the dash board and checked the wiring because I had fitted heated grips and suspected the issue lay there. Didn't find anything obvious but tidied things up there. Been out on several longer runs since and shes been as good as gold.
I changed the pogo rear suspension for some adjustable CX 500 ones I had. Thats improved things no end. The graphite front suspension bushes were oval also so replaced them which also sharpened up the front end.
BTW I mistakenly said mine was an '83 which is obviously wrong, shes a '90 model.
An MOT is as the previous correspondents said is GB 's legally required annual road worthiness check. Most other eutopean countries do this bi annually.
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