Lower Main Frame Tube Rail Diameters?

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Lower Main Frame Tube Rail Diameters?

Postby Dan_Lockwood » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:09 pm

Okay, I wish I didn't have to ask someone else to do this for me, but still don't have the Helix back in my garage. Since I have way too many other projects going on along with my two Harleys, garage space at home is just not available.

So, can someone measure the lower main frame tubes for me? Are they 1", 1.25" or whatever diameter? Could someone also tell me what the inside distance is between the two lower tube rails?

What I'm trying to do is to pick up another B&W Biker Bar setup that I may be able to convert to fit the Helix. I have one now for my Harley touring bike, but would like to have one for the Helix when we go on extended stays with our Keystone Raptor toy hauler.


For those of you that are not familiar with the B&W Biker Bar, you have a clamp bar that has two rubber coated half cups that grab the outside of the lower bike frame tube rails and then tighten down hard. Once clamped to the lower bike frame tubes, you ride up onto your trailer and into the lower mount that bolts to the trailer floor. You ride into the open jaws and the bike then gets preloaded on the suspension about half an inch and when all the way forward it locks into place.

You then just shut off the bike and step off, just that simple. No further need to do tie downs of any type. At Sturgis I saw one on a demo that had a Harley full dresser in a biker bar and they had it setup so they could rotate the bike upside down. I've read of several accidents and the bike was still nicely attached and unhurt.

I'm thinking that B&W might be able to make a clamp bar that expands outward rather than inward like on the Harley frames. I could cut a couple holes in the lower panel cover to have access to the inside of the Helix lower frame tubes and spread outward on the two tube rails to hold the Helix in place in my toy hauler garage. It would so easy to just clamp the bar on the bottom and ride into the lower hitch and step off the bike and be done.

If anyone can help with the measurements, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great week... :)

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