Using a 110/90 front tire instead of 110/100-12

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Using a 110/90 front tire instead of 110/100-12

Postby SupraLance » Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:22 pm

Theoretically, the smaller front tire should make the Helix turn-in quicker but be less stable, similar to the old racers trick of raising the fork tubes on a motorcycle to lower the front and carve corners easier. But I've read that 11mm (99mm sidewall vs 110mm) may be a bit too much drop for the street on a motorcycle and cause it to seem to fall into turns or oversteer if the back isn't also lowered. On the Helix, tilting a little more towards sport riding would be a good thing, but I wouldn't want to remove too much stability.

So I'm curious what others think of this. Would the Helix benefit from quicker turn-in?

I see a few people doing this if they want a tire with a higher speed rating or a cheaper tire, since only a few are made in the right size. So to anybody who may have switched to a smaller front tire, did you notice the difference in how the bike corners and behaves?
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