Muffler bolts

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Muffler bolts

Postby Kevinresa » Mon May 06, 2019 8:03 pm

To remove muffler do I just loosen the single clamp and the 4 other bolts or do I have to loosen those 2 cap nuts right past the clamp??? Clamp is really rusty. Want to get muffler off and get seams welded. Hope it can be salvaged and will quiet it down some
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Re: Muffler bolts

Postby zozman » Mon May 06, 2019 8:56 pm


Remove the four bolts holding the muffler and the flange bolt from the exhaust pipe band. Wire wheel the rust off the exhaust pipe band and paint it high temperature black. Replace the the flange bolt with a stainless steel one ((8x40). Use anti-sieze compound on the flange bolt.

Service your muffler and paint it black with high temperature black paint.

Most will tell you it is unnecessary to remove the 8mm hex cap nut unless you are replacing the exhaust pipe gasket. I maintain that you should always change that little gasket when servicing the muffler and also to replace the tubular exhaust gasket. Exercising those cap nuts is good as long as you are careful in removing them.

Always heat up the hex cap nuts before removing them. Remove them slowly so as not to snap off the cylinder head studs. Use anti-sieze compound on the studs when re-installing the cap nuts. :D

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