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Re: Helix won't keep running

Postby K-9 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:14 pm

Did you find the problem? I just picked up a Helix and have a similar problem. Starts fine, but not at a fast idle like I thought it would. Runs for about 10 seconds then acts like it is running out of fuel. This is a scooter that sat for along time so the seller put on a new carb, filter, plug. I don't think it is fuel mixture as it wouldn't act like it is running out of gas. Wait a bit, starts fine, runs 10 seconds, dies again. It is as if a fuel bowl is filling up, and when drained, it dies. I am trying to figure out how it could fill to start, but not keep filling to run?

The service manual talks about the bystarter, but isn't that more about fuel mixture? Richer to start, then leans down when warmed up. I don't think this is a matter or rich/lean, but fuel and no fuel?

Ideas please?
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