Be Careful, more idiots on the roads.

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Be Careful, more idiots on the roads.

Postby cotetoi » Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:46 pm

Got cut off by a crewcab truck pulling a trailer. He had pulled on the shoulder and I was about to go by him when he cut a hard left at speed, intended to do a U-turn at the bottom of a highway ramp !!! No place to go and split second later I make contact with his crew cab door, and fell to the ground. The Honda Silverwing 600 is toast and I am sore all over, specially on the right side. Thankfully no broken bones or roadrash. I was checked out at the ER.
I believe in ATGATT although I slack off when on the Helix, but from now on it is going to be truly ATGATT. That's what saved my life, limbs and skin and I believe my prayers before I wheel my bikes off my driveway.
So, take care out there, watch out for idiots.
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