need better rear shocks.

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Re: need better rear shocks.

Postby Rafe Hollister » Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:58 am

In the 80s Kawasaki made the Specter models of their LTDs. The Specters had 4 way adjustable rebound damping air shocks. They had a back up coil spring in them also. I have put these on on my 88 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan and 81 Suzuki GS450. The 550 Specter has a very weak coil spring, when I compress them compared to the Helix shocks, they are a little weaker. This is good because you can add air to get them exactly where you want them. They are 'eye & eye' so will only work on the left side (unless I figure how to weld a bung on the right). I do not know yet if they are too big in diameter to fit. I have bought several sets of these at salvage for 50.00 a pair.
They may have lost damping oil if stored on side without air lines attached. No problem, just poor fork oil into air line hole, pump shocks, poor in more oil, etc... until oil comes out hole when fully compressed.
The Specters were gold, LTDs black. The 550 Specter had air shocks, 550 LTD did not. I think bigger LTDs had air. If you find a pair and you weigh 180lbs like me, and you can compress them several inches (air lines off) by putting you weight into them, they are probably 550s.
I'll post again when I get around to doing this. Perhaps one on the left side is enough?
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Re: need better rear shocks.

Postby Harold » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:30 pm

Hello, First time posting.

What shocks exactly work for this Helix single sided upgrade?
Are all Showa VHD CB shocks the same? Or are they different sizes? If so, what shock length am I looking for?

I really want to put this scooter back together to ride, but would like to do this upgrade while I have it apart.
Thanks in advance for any clarification.
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Re: need better rear shocks.

Postby zozman » Tue Apr 23, 2019 4:28 pm


I have used the Bitubo shocks on my PS250. They are very good. But...The PS250 only has one. Two for the CN250 is cost prohibitive as others have opined.

On my 1998 Helix, the recommended Honda shocks were d/c. I just used the 2007 shocks from the Helix as they fit and I had no modifications necessary. They are very good.

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