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counterfit jets

Postby gascap » Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:58 pm

Well, I finally got around to finishing up a helix repair. I'd used an ebay carb kit on it and it ran awfull. The diaphram on the bike was split and to replace it I bought a kit , that must be chinese. The slide is black. The needle wouldn't set all the way down into the slide because the hole was too small. Drilling that out let the needle set down to the bottom and that helped, but it was still not right. I found that with the air horn off it ran pretty good, but still not right at flat out. I bought a factory 110 jet and replaced the kit main jet, and now with the air horn it runs strong. I then replaced the bystarter with a cheap one from ebay, now it starts great cold, runs real rough with overgassing for a bit till it gets some heat, then runs great.this is my 96 with new pads, new tires, new roller weights ,and a new belt. Oil is changed, plug, and I'll do the antifreeze later. Now for the 87. I'm going to use the alum wheels from my 94 on it with new tires. It also has an ebay carb kit on it, probably why the guy gave up on it. I know what to do there, even bought the jet ahead.
Has any one modified the carb slide by drilling the breathing hole in the bottom out a bit?I did drill out the slide on the above 96 slide but without riding it before I can't compare it to a before and after. I'll try this 94 first , stock then maybe. It's said to help with low end response.
I need to get the calipers on 2 working better, and I always have a fit getting the dust seal around the piston. I was on you tube and a fellow there used air blown into the brake line hole to inflate that seal enough it would go over the piston,slick.
I need a set of grab rails, all 3 with bolts. Any one?
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