Helix advice please

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Helix advice please

Postby alanduke » Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:54 am

Ok, just had helix taken apart due to issues been having with mental vibrations on take off. Got new belt, rollers( ones on there turned out to be not too bad. Anyway, clutch shoes need replaced BUT even with belt disconnected etc there is a huge vibration. Mechanic reckons the engine is sound and he says that as there is no belt on there it can be caused by knackered clutch shoes. Prior to this was sweet as a nut. Anyone suggest anything?... Don't want to throw more money than it's worth at it, especially if it still has te mental vibration ( one screw holding screen on has now fallen out because of it)...at my wits end as I need scoot for work... Maybe time to give up on it. It's 1990 g reg. Was previously smoothest scoot ever
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