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Satellite Radio

Postby Motostremn » Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:11 pm

So I looked into buying a Stereo for the Helix, But after serious concideration, I realized that I don't even Listen to the radio in my own car, just my Sirius. I only listen to satellite radio when i'm in my car or a Cd that I like. So Then why should I spend another 200 bucks for a stereo that I will only have on the scooter to listen to satellite radio? So I have changed courses and decided to save a lot of money. I already have the sat. receiver and all I need is an antenna. Now I was originally going to just use the lil square antenna on the back truck and run the wiring through that useless vent behind the seat and stick nicely on the trunk. But then I realized that realistically that would not be good cause I am going to put on the LED spoiler and a rack, which would obstructed the antenna from receiving my tunes. Then I found the cure. It is a antenna that can be mounted almost anywhere and not take away from the look of the Helix. So I am planning to purchase it later this month and install it and be back to listening to my fav. stations on Sirius. That would be Fox, Playboy, and comedy. If any of you are interested I have posted a link to the site for the antenna. I hope this can give you another option for you musical needs.
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