6/24-6 Usual Suspects "Still Riding With a Jackass"

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6/24-6 Usual Suspects "Still Riding With a Jackass"

Postby Don Leonardo » Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:13 pm

Weekend of June 24th-26, Usual Suspects "Still Riding With a Jackass" Rally #3

This will be in the tri-state area of NY, NJ, and PA.

I'm planning on attending. It would be great to meet a few of you from the forum at the rally. I plan on taking the Helix to this. No Gymkhana for me though.

Mark your calendars!!


Porn-Hair wrote:The Usual Suspects
"Still Riding With a Jackass" Rally #3

Last weekend in June (Fri, Sat. & maybe some of Sunday)

Maryann yer' awesome

-If Your a JackAss & Ya know it, Raise Your Hand.....
or at least sign the wavier, cause this is gonna be "One Kick-Ass Rally"
Besides we wouldn't want Ya to sue U.S. when ya;
Kill Yourself on Mario's World Renown Gymkhana.
So if you think You can handle riding Your 10'' inched Wheel Skirt Bike on some very twisty Red Light Free(ish) Rides,
through some of the most Beautiful Roads & State Parks the Tri-state has to offer. Then you should come to this one.
But don't forget to bring Yer' Speedo. Your gonna need it for the In ground Swimming Pool & quite possible "The Slow Race"
or if You fall out'a the Paddle Boats into the Duck Pond.
They sell SunBlock at the Campstore/ Pool Rm./ Game-room / laundry Rm. (incase ya *insert favorite curse word here* yerself) &
You should definitely wear some Sun Block if plan on joining U.S. for the Giant Huge Bonfire's.
Which takes place just as soon as we finish poking our eyes out, after seeing yet another episode of "16 Candles" on The Big Screen, under the Big Pavilion or You can just throw Jiffy-Pop at the Screen & each other instead. Go ahead, see if I care.
I hope you-come hungry & not hangry (that's angry & hungry together) Cause we'll have The Traditional BBQ going most all the time, with stuff to coat your stomach with.
And a Big-Ass Dinner/ Breakfast (hopefully not at the same time).
There's too much for to mention, But it's a Traditional Rally in the Traditional Sense(less) ...
So expect a raffle, Raffle, RAFFLE.... Prizes, Games, T-shirts, Patches Music & Plenty of Jackass-R-we.

You can send your money to Franky, once He sets up the Paypal thingy.
& while we're waiting for that.
Here's some links to some of our family friendly kinda sorta maybe Rallies we've had in the past..


Here's some Pictures from previous year's Shenanigan's :arrow:
2010- http://scoot.net/gallery/2010/06/usualsuspects/
2009- http://scoot.net/gallery/2009/06/usualsuspects/

If ya all know of anymore links or Videos from goodtimes past,
Post'em up for U.S.... it'a be'a Appreciated, thanx.

PS. I'll lead a Ride over to the Beverage Distributor (hint, hint) just as soon as You all get here, with a stop over at a spot where You can stand on NY, Pa & NJ all at the same time.

U.S. Patch 2011.jpg

Thanx again MaryAnn

PSS. Here's a link on how to get to The Campground. Or at where the campground is :arrow:

Cedar Ridge Campground
250 River Road
Montague, N.J. 07827



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