Does Yamaha make Linhai scooters

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Does Yamaha make Linhai scooters

Postby roger32849 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:39 am

I have been looking through the various online sources for a scooter with a larger cc engine than the Helix. There is a lot of variety and names I do not recognize. One name keeps surfacing as a "good buy" and that is Linhai. Almost everywhere I look, the name Linhai is somehow connected with Yamaha. I know Linhai is a Chinese made product, but exactly what connection does it have to Yamaha? One current seller on eBay has 2008 300cc (Yamaha) Linhai for sale. He actually bought the Yamaha logo decals and applied them to key areas on the scooter and added them to the photo gallery. So, my question is this: other than possibly being a clone, what connection does Linhai have with Yamaha? It would be good to know before I bought or seriously considered buying a Linhai.

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Re: Does Yamaha make Linhai scooters

Postby Cruiser » Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:13 am

roger32849 wrote: what connection does Linhai have with Yamaha?

I goggled your question. And got this.
Found some interesting news online when I googled Yamaha yesterday. Not sure when this went down, but Yamaha bought a percentage of Linhai (a Chinese manufacturing company) and are providing technology for Scooters, and more importantly for this forum, ATV's
. ... amaha.html
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Re: Does Yamaha make Linhai scooters

Postby rowdyc » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:24 pm

I had a reflex clone with a linhai engine. It was a good scooter as the engine design was the same as the yamaha majesty 250 that is not sold in the usa. Of course being from china, the raw materials for the scooter were under par to others. Linhai has been making engines for yamaha for years but i think the ones for yamaha have better material. In the 250cc chinese scooters class, the engines are usualy a helix clone or linhai clone.
The bike you're looking at is a clone of the yamaha version not sold in the usa. Not knowing which one, it is either the burgman or majesty body style. The engines are not made of the same high mileage steel like the japanese version but it can be reliable. The actual size of most are only 279cc's vs the 300 claimed. Quality control from chinese scooter manufacturers is questionable. You will need to know how to wrench as most dealers will not touch even though it has the same engine design.
in the past linhai and yamaha had a relationship like cf moto and Honda.
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