Helix versus Big Ruckus?

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Helix versus Big Ruckus?

Postby notdeadman » Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:38 am

I know the search function is not perfect on
most (any?) forums, so perhaps I missed
something good, but I didn't find anything.
(And I can't see youtube stuff.)

I was looking over a Big Ruckus at a local
scooter rally this morning and of course
didn't see much in the way of similarities
between the Big Ruckus & the Helix. But
I was wondering whether Honda bothered
with a new engine, plus whatever performance
differences there might be. The Big Ruckus
certainly has a stout frame tube size!
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Postby Don Leonardo » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:32 am

The one thing I really like about the BR is the seat. You can adjust it to make almost like a back rest for the driver.
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Postby silverbullet » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:45 am

For this Rider its a no brainer. The Helix. Being an old GoldWing guy, I love the added protection the Helix offers over the BR so any added performance the BR might have over the Helix is nil for me.
Like Don said the seat may be nice. Put a utpoia backrest on the Helix & you have the famed "Barcolounger" the Helix is famous for.
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Postby bigphillip79 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:38 pm

The ruckus and the Reflex are the same bike in a different package. A windshield on the Ruckus and it shouldn't be too bad wind wise except for on your legs when its raining or cold. They are pretty hard to find and I think I would take the Helix first.
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Postby notdeadman » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:42 pm

I resorted to poking around the Total Ruckus site and
found this:


And other reading on the site gave me the impression that
the BR mostly struggles to do 70 mph, although somebody
claimed a top speed of 78. Despite the BR backrest,
the Helix sounds to be the comfort winner--hardly a surprise.

I thought the Reflex could do 85 mph or more, so I'm surprised
the BR is a brother of the Reflex. Of course, I don't know how
much the Reflex engine differs from the Helix either, but I just
figured it would be very different given the decade or two difference
in designs, plus the Reflex's much higher top speed.

I don't think I will ever want a Big Ruckus.
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Postby silverbullet » Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:00 pm

If the BR is a bit like the Reflex then I can comment based on experience.
I lost my first Helix to Divorce in 01. All said & done, Money in my pocket, I fell in love with the looks of the Reflex & bought it without first taking it out for a test ride. Which was my mistake.
If my memory is correct I belive the Reflex's engine to be 249cc's vs the Helix 241cc's
My Reflex had no more top end speed than my Helix. Tops was around 75 on a good day.
Even though I had to like my Reflex it is not the scoot the Helix is. Its not good in wind, Its shorter than the Helix thus does not have the legroom & the suspension does not give the soft ride as the Helix.
I can see where the BR has a problem with top speeds as it doesn't have the areodynamics of the Reflex or Helix.
I owned my Reflex from 01 to 05 & it only had 7.000 miles on it when I traded it. I've got over 6.000 miles on my current Helix in just over 10 months of ownership. And I still have a Bugrman that needs attention.
Thats how much this Rider prefurs the Helix over the Reflex.
Even though the BR may more of an odd duck than the Helix. I wouldn't own one. Just doesn't apeal to me.
And as far as the comments about the Helix being to LOW & folks think it can't be seen. All I can say to that is.......Put more lights on it!!
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Postby coopdway » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:40 pm

I don't mean to dismiss the BR but my buddy has one and together we went out and put a couple hundred miles, swapping back and forth between his Big Ruckus and my Helix. Had I never ridden a Helix, I'd have been very impressed with his BR. There's no way I'd trade mine for his now that I've put some miles on it.
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Postby Choppastyle » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:27 pm

Had Both.....Helix wins hands down. Big Ruckus is cool looking but offers no storage or wind protection..... Also finding parts is near impossible unless you want to pay full price or more.

Can't go wrong with a bike that has virtually gone unchanged since 1986..plenty of parts and forum help....HELIX HELIX!!!!

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Re: Helix versus Big Ruckus?

Postby zozman » Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:35 am

I have owned and ridden and serviced the following:

Honda CH 150 (1)
Honda CH 250 (4)
Honda PS 250 (2)
Honda Helix (1)

My observations. The Honda CH 150 is a in-town zip-zap scooter. I can store a case of beer on the floorboard and mail between the dash visor. Top speed a respectable 60 mph. Short wheelbase makes longer comfortable rides difficult. Parts are difficult to find.

The CH 250 is the best all-around commuter bike although not fun on the highway. You sit higher on the seat so wind pummel is an issue. If you have the front optional fairing with the shorty windshield, wind is not much of a issue. Because it has 10" wheels, if you ride on the highway at 70 mph, bike control is an issue. It's great around town and if you have the optional rear Honda trunk, a grocery-getter. Brakes are standard drum/drum and good. It's a pain to remove the plastic to service the bike. The optional Kenwood radio is a pleasant addition. Repair parts are getting difficult to find.

The Honda Helix is one of the best highway non-interstate bikes out there. Smooth ride, longer wheelbase, near 70 mph cruising. The trunk is ridiculous as the wheel flare takes up most of the interior space. If you add a rear rack to it, it is ugly. Parts are easy to get (new and used) maintenance easy and repairs reasonable. Brakes are improved front disc/rear drum. Seat is very comfortable. The optional Kenwood radio is a pleasant addition.

The PS 250 Big Ruckus is similar to the Helix in that is has a longer wheelbase and comfortable ride. Seat rider positioning are similar but that is where the similarities end. The PS 250 Big Ruckus is a battlescooter. Less plastic and more metal. Made for only two years, parts are rare and expensive. Servicing the bike is easy because there is less plastic removal. If you put the OEM windscreen on it, a considerable side wind will carry you in the next lane. The combination braking system (front disc/rear drum) is superior. On hot summer days riding a Big Ruckus with the wind hammering you is pleasant. The seat back is adjutable for a second rider. If you have the optional front/rear carry racks (rare) and an ugly milk crate on the back, you can transport almost anything. The bike is expensive to buy and not for everybody. But, boy is it fun to drive!

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Re: Helix versus Big Ruckus?

Postby slonaker » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:17 pm

Good info, but in response to a four year old thread.

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